Just 10 years ago, Halloween wasn’t a particularly big holiday in the UK. In more recent times and following the lead of our friends across the pond, Halloween has become a hugely popular date and as such has become more commercialised with shops cashing in as early as August for the celebration. For most, Halloween is a fun holiday where children get dressed up to go trick or treating and enjoy themselves.

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Meet the team

Here at There4U, we are immensely proud of our team. Everyone has different reasons for working for us. Some love the flexibility of working around school hours, some thrive off our industry leading incentives whereas others couldn’t ever see themselves doing anything else. People choose to become carers for various reasons, but the one thing that links them is that they are all compassionate, patient and truly want to make a difference to someone’s life.

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National Grateful Patient Day

Today, 7th September marks National Grateful Patient Day, it provides people with an opportunity to show appreciation for the hard-working professionals in the medical industry as well as the families/caregivers of anyone receiving medical or domiciliary care. Almost more importantly, honours the indomitable spirit of these courageous patients who are grateful to be alive.  

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Christmas Team Outing

This week we had our Christmas team outing to The Escape Rooms in Salisbury.
Needless to say the teams took it all very seriously and and a good time was had by all, although we think we will stick to caring as our detecting skills left a lot to be desired!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

New website

We are very grateful to Blue Bee solutions and ANX Agency for the development of our new website.

We hope you will agree that it is really much more user friendly and the design is much clearer.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Pauline semi-retirement

This month sees our lovely carer Pauline entering semi-retirement, no we can’t believe it either!!
Pauline is a very valued member of our team and we are so glad that we are not losing her completely as she is continuing to work four days a week for us.
Enjoy the rest Pauline!!

Welcome Sam

Sam has just been promoted to Senior Carer. She has worked for us for some time now and has worked in care for several years prior to joining There4u.

Sam is a caring and proactive worker who always goes that extra mile for our clients.

Sam is very keen on training and mentoring and we are looking forward to developing those skills as our business grows.

Sam is very busy outside of her work with a husband three children and has just welcomed a dog into the family!!