Men vs Women

Historically, the healthcare industry has always had a significantly higher number of female employees over male. In fact, 90% of the NHS’s qualified nurses, midwives and health visitors are female.


It’s thought that a role within the healthcare sector can often reflect that of a traditional “housewife” and subsequently, men are put off by stereotypes of these traditionally female-led jobs. Conventionally, women have undertaken many more caregiving roles than men, both inside and outside work – and this gender-based stigma is hard to shake.

Whilst There4U are a predominately female dominated organisation (by circumstance and not choice, we hasten to add), we are very fortunate to have one male homecare worker – James Patrickson, 38. James has worked in the care industry for the past 15 years working with people with disabilities, and more recently, taking a step into caring for the elderly. James considered himself a caring person with excellent listening skills so thought a career helping others would be a great fit for him.

James says “The most satisfying part of my job is supporting my clients with their ongoing needs, seeing their progress and the smiles they have on their faces when progress is made.”

When asked why he thought there were less men working within the sector, James said “I think men do tend to shy away from the domiciliary side of care, and I can only imagine it’s because they don’t understand the importance of this work. I applied to worked for There4U as I felt they would be a great employer who listened to their staff and supported their clients. I wasn’t wrong! The team here are friendly and professional, if I find myself challenged with a new task I’m unsure of, I’m comfortable in calling either other members of staff or my line manager.”.

Homecare Workers are pivotal in providing the elderly with safe care in the comfort of their own homes, due to continual expansion, we are looking for Healthcare Workers in both Salisbury and Amesbury. All we ask is that you are full of compassion, patience and care – if this sounds like you, regardless of your gender, then we want to hear from you.