Rosie’s story

“All you do is go to people’s houses and drink tea”

“How can you wipe people’s bottoms for a living?”

“I couldn’t do you what you do…..”

These are just a few comments I get from people when I tell them what I do for a living.

I work for There4U – a domiciliary care company based in Salisbury.

A Carer is someone who helps people with personal care and practical tasks where required. We go to our client’s home which means they get to keep their independence and stay in their own homes. We’re company for our clients and ours can often be the only face they will see all day – I’ve been described as a guardian angel before.

We are so much more than people give us credit for.

We work long hours and I’m always on call. My day to day life is busy, fun and never boring. I have a young daughter called Lilly who is 6; my partner and I juggle our work hours so we can always drop off our Daughter and collect her from school each day. I work early morning until lunchtime and he works lunchtime until late at night. We don’t very often see each other. Does this put me off my job? No. I enjoy every second of it.

Each day, my alarm goes off between 6am and 6:30am depending on where I need to be and to allow for travel time and traffic. I get up, shower and put on my purple tunic, black trousers and trainers with great pride. I get to my first house and am warmly greeted by my lovely client. This is followed by assisting them out of bed and into the shower. I help them to dry themselves, administer cream where needed and get them dressed. Breakfast and medications follow, and I then tidy up any mess I may have made in the bathroom or kitchen. Perhaps then will I get a chance to sit down and have a cup of tea with them whilst writing up my notes in their care plan. I wish my client a warm goodbye and leave for my next visit.

I am on the go all morning seeing different people with different sets of needs. Everyone is an individual with their own life stories to tell. Some days can bring their own challenges from clients and no two days are the same. Sometimes my days are stressful, but I always have the support of my colleagues at the end of the phone.

Once all my clients have been seen I get home in time to have some lunch before going to pick up my daughter from school. I get her tea, enjoy some playtime and help her with school work before bath and bed. I get into bed and set my alarm to get up and do the same job the next day but with different clients to see, different challenges to face, different routes to drive and different stories to listen to.

So that is my day to day life as a Carer and a Mum. Would I change it? Not for anything!

There4U are looking for Homeworkers in Salisbury & Amesbury, we offer flexible working hours, great incentives and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and growing organisation. If you want to hear more, apply today.