At There4U Salisbury we are able to support our clients with a wide range of services. Often care only starts when a crisis occurs, such as
a hospital admission, but we believe that having home care at an early stage can help to prevent these crises from occurring.

This is because our carers are able to pick up early signs of illness, can monitor medication compliance and effect, where required we
advocate very strongly on our clients behalf and liaise with GP’s, District Nurses and hospital teams to ensure they receive the correct
medical attention, all of which can help to prevent hospital admissions.

If you need assistance with something that isn’t listed here then please do get in touch with us as we may be able to help.

  • Personal Care

    If you need assistance with personal care in your own home, then we can help you.

    Our carers can help with personal care in many ways, from simply being there to provide reassurance whilst you get in and out of the shower or bath, through to supporting people who have complex needs and may require assistance several times per day.

    We can assist with washing, dressing, having a shower or bath and getting in and out of bed. Our carers are all trained in moving and handling and can assist clients with reduced mobility in many ways and with all types of moving and handling equipment.

    Our carers can assist with monitoring blood sugars, catheter care, support stockings and many other aspects of personal care.

  • Companionship

    Having a carer come to your home can provide more than just assistance alone, it can provide companionship, friendship and real peace of mind.

    Clients can choose to use our home care services for companionship and enjoy the time spent with our carers and form bonds which can be very fulfilling. Carers will be happy to just provide a sitting service to chat or perhaps help with a hobby or to read to someone.

    Whether it is being able to engage in activities that you find enjoyable, having company at home or getting out and about with a carer for companionship, reassurance and support then we will be able to help you.

  • Getting Out & About

    Our carers are able to take clients out to wherever they wish to go.

    It could be an appointment at the hospital or hairdressers, out to lunch, to the theatre, church or to the shops.

    Having a carer accompany you on outings can take the worry away as our carers provide not only transport, but also company, assistance, support and peace of mind.

    Our carers are all insured to take clients out in their cars.

  • Medication

    Our carers are fully trained to help with the administering of medication.

    If necessary we will liaise with GP’s and pharmacists to ensure correct medication is provided to the client.

    Medication administration- We can support clients with taking their medication correctly by administering it to them.

    We can administer medication from original boxes or from multi-dosage systems which have been pre-packed by the pharmacy.

    We can also administer medication as creams, via inhalers, nebulisers or in the form of nose, eye, and ear drops.

    Medication reordering- We can take responsibility for re-ordering medication from the GP and ensuring it is delivered on time. As with all our medication services we need to be kept fully up to date with any alterations to medication so that we can provide the correct assistance to our clients.

    Medication delivery- We can collect prescriptions from the GP surgery, take it to the pharmacy and deliver the medication to you. Most GP surgeries and pharmacies will offer this service themselves, but for some clients it is useful if the medication is delivered to our office and can them be taken to their home by a carer who can ensure the medication is safely put away in the correct place.

  • Housework & Laundry

    If you are finding that you are needing a little extra help around the house, our carers can help you with a wide range of everyday tasks.

    We are able to assist with ironing, laundry, changing and making beds, vacuuming, dusting, taking the bins out and a whole range of other household chores.

    Often a small amount of help with household tasks can make a real difference to quality of life and can help people live independently for longer.

  • Meal Preparation

    Carers can prepare all types of meals for our clients. This may be simply heating a ready meal and cooking some vegetables to accompany it or cooking a full meal depending on what is required.

    We can liaise with clients and families to plan meals, do the shopping and prepare meals in the clients home.

    Food hygiene and nutrition-all our carers are trained in food hygiene and nutrition and we are able to monitor food and fluid intake where required to support healthy nutrition.

    Specific nutritional requirements- we can support clients with different nutritional requirements whether it is making thickened drinks, diabetic diets and blood sugar testing or monitoring weight.

  • Shopping

    Our carers can take clients out to the shops and assist with shopping, carrying bags and putting groceries away back at home. Carers can also undertake shopping for a client without them being present whether this is a regular weekly shop or just nipping out to buy some milk.

    Shopping and meal support-we can liaise with clients and families to plan meals, do the shopping and then prepare the meals in the clients home. All of our carers are trained in food hygiene and nutrition to enable us to support clients fully with their nutritional needs.

  • Dementia Care

    We are able to offer ongoing regular support for clients with dementia or respite care for relatives to enable them to have a break or simply to get out and about.

    We work closely with the client and their families to develop a plan of support that is based upon the clients interests and preferences and keeps the client right at the heart of the care we provide. This is because we take time to get to know the client, and build up a picture of what they were like during their younger years and take time to match them with a suitable carer.

    Our carers all undergo specialist training in dementia care so we can provide individually tailored care that meets the needs of both the person with dementia and their family.

  • Respite Care

    Caring for someone is an incredibly rewarding job but in order to do it to the best of your abilities you need to have a rest from time to time.

    We can provide ongoing respite care to enable a main carer to take a regular break, for example a couple of hours each week to get out to the shops or to see friends.

    We can also provide interim care whilst the main carer goes away and this can be full support for the client or just pop in visits for peace of mind, whatever is required. Please contact us if you would like more information about our respite care services.

  • Pallative Care

    Many people wish to remain in their own home at the end of their life and we can provide the care and support needed to make this possible.

    At this time there may be lots of different people coming into the home such as District Nurses, Macmillan Nurses and Doctors all offering different support, information and advice. It can therefore be reassuring to have the consistent support of carers throughout this time who can also provide invaluable support to relatives and loved ones.

    Our carers are all trained in providing end of life care and understand the nature of support and care that is needed at this time.

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